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Fast and safe cargo shipments? Why not by plane?

28 December 2018by 3CARGO
Although air transport is still an option rarely chosen by entrepreneurs, its popularity is growing. Why is it worth considering this form of transport and what benefits does it entail?


The year 2017 was undoubtedly record-breaking for the global air cargo market. One of the reasons is the fact that there are more and more dynamic companies looking for fast and safe ways of delivering cargo, and in this respect air transport is still unparalleled.


Air transport – advantages and benefits


The development of infrastructure servicing air transport, as well as the increase in the number of connections operated, make air transport becoming more and more attractive each year, both in terms of delivery speed and related costs. What’s more, this type of transport is characterized by relatively low interference in the natural environment.

Air transport can be an excellent solution for light-weight shipments on long-haul flights, where time plays a vital role, and the number of such orders increases each year. Currently, almost all types of goods are transported by air, especially HVTT (High Value Theft Targeted) goods (e.g. electronics) and those, that have to reach their destination in a very short time. It is not without a reason that air transport, serving only 1% of the global transport volume, has over 35% of its share in terms of its value.


Air transport – for whom?


Air transport is used by large enterprises as well as companies from the SME sector – it all depends on the specific needs of customers. A good cargo air transport company is able to find and organize air transport that will suit the customer both in terms of speed and comprehensiveness of the service, as well as in terms of its cost.

Although the range of companies using air transport is wide, some industries are particularly into this form of transport due to their specificity. The automotive industry is a good example, where high-value and sensitive to damage goods are often transported, and fast, timely delivery plays a very important role. For companies producing and supplying automotive goods, air transport is in many cases a solution that perfectly meets all the criteria and requirements.


Transport by plane with 3CARGO!


Are you interested in cargo air transports? We have some great news for you! In order to meet the needs and expectations of our clients, we have taken steps to expand the transport offer with easy and fast air transport. “Our new investments and new business cooperation are aimed at presenting our clients with a new and attractive offer including air transport – informs Beata Krawczyk-Jastrzębska. – This is our response to market needs and at the same time one of our goals for 2019 “.

We will keep you up to date on progress and we invite you to cooperation. Entrust your goods to professionals!

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