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New solutions in transport to and from Turkey

23 April 2020by 3CARGO
In the era of a pandemic, all initiatives improving the logistics of international trade are highly desirable. We talk with Halil Billerlioglu, Operation Senior Specialist at Mars Logistics and Damian Chromik, Traffic Manager of the import section of the 3CARGO Turkish Department, about Polish-Turkish cooperation and the new opportunities that optimize transport between Poland and Turkey.


Halil, at the beginning I would like you to tell us a little bit about Mars Logistics and its position on the Turkish logistics services market. What distinguishes your company from other logistics companies?

HB: Mars Logistics is a logistics leader in Turkey and very few companies can compete with us in terms of the quality or scope of services offered. Many factors decide about this strong position, in my opinion the most important are: experience, the international character of the company and its employees. Mars Logistics has been operating on the international logistics services market for 30 years – this is a very long time that has allowed us to develop procedures, create a wide network of partners and branches (both domestic and foreign), obtain quality certificates and, above all, gain experience, which is now one of our greatest strengths. This translates into a team that has been creating solid foundations of the company for years. Our position on the market allows us to employ 1500 industry experts, people experienced and engaged in building quality that distinguishes us. In 2013, Mars Logistics became a member of the Hitachi Transport System Group, which strengthened our position as a company with solid capital, international reach and global logistics capabilities.

Impressive. Damian, what does cooperation with such a foreign partner look like? I suppose it has created a number of new opportunities for 3CARGO and its customers?

DC: Exactly. Our cooperation with Mars Logistics began in April 2019 and I can safely say that it initiated a new stage in the development of the Turkish department. The new partner has allowed us to fully use our potential and capacity. What’s more, this cooperation is fruitful not only logistically and on a business level. It’s a partnership that goes to a higher level of relationship. Our companies share common ideas, values ​​and priorities, organizational culture, environmental responsibility, business ethics. It is an excellent base on which we have managed to develop very satisfying partner relationships and friendships. The beneficiaries of such cooperation are primarily our customers, who receive comprehensive services at the highest level, both on the Polish and Turkish side. We are constantly working on expanding the range of solutions offered to our customers, and by acting from the position of leaders in our markets, we have a wide range of possibilities for this.

Well, let’s talk about one of them. Halil, Mars Logistics is expanding its network of offices and warehouses in Turkey. Can you tell us something more about it?

HB: Of course. Mars Logistics took care of having its offices and warehouses in the most important cities from Turkey’s logistics point of view – including Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana and Bursa. We also opened a distribution centre in Eskisehir recently. This solution is designed to optimize the national distribution network, and thus, to ensure even faster and more efficient deliveries and collection of goods throughout the country while reducing the number of cars required. The regular transport line between Istanbul and Ankara saves our customers time and money and it’s a solution with real environmental benefits.

DC: I would like to point out that these benefits will also be felt by our customers in Poland. Solutions introduced by Mars Logistics in Turkey mean lower costs of services and faster delivery time. I would even say that the Mars Logistics’ network in Turkey, together with 3CARGO – Pall-Ex network in Poland, creates a system comparable to the courier industry world leaders’ systems. With the advantage, that we are able to handle virtually any load, including non-standard ones.

This is indeed a huge advantage. And as I heard, it doesn’t stop there. Further projects are already underway, including those related to customs clearance.

HB: Yes, I am happy to officially inform that our company received authorized consignor status. It means much faster border crossing at Kapikule without having to wait in a long queue. There are few logistics companies that can use this solution in Turkey, and there are usually some restrictions involved. Our trucks and our partners’ trucks will be able to use this status privileges without restrictions. Also, we are now able to carry out customs clearance directly from our warehouse in Istanbul, without having to send the trucks to the customs office.

This is fantastic news. Damian, I expect that Polish entrepreneurs cooperating with 3CARGO will greatly benefit from such a solution?

DC: Definitely yes, because it will allow us to reduce delivery time as much as possible. The time „wasted” by having to drive to customs office is in practice a several hours. In addition, waiting in a long queue at the border crossing means a loss of time – from 10 hours up to two days! By eliminating these two factors we can carry out our clients’ orders faster and at a lower cost. Personally, I am excited about this project because, as an operational worker, I can already see all the benefits and opportunities it brings.

I have to admit that your excitement is contagious. But changing the subject. There is currently a lot of talk about the effects of the coronavirus epidemic on transport. Delays in production and transport from China were strongly felt by European companies that are intensively looking for alternative suppliers. Is it felt in Turkey?

HB: Yes, the increase in the volume of exports is felt very clearly, what’s more, it is very dynamic. We see this as a huge opportunity for our native producers and we are ready to support them logistically in a way that allows them to take full advantage of this opportunity. We cooperate with many significant companies from the textile and Automotive industries, the number of their exports soared, and we provide fast and efficient delivery of their goods to recipients in European countries, including – thanks to effective cooperation with 3CARGO – to Poland.

DC: I can confirm, we are currently recording a significant increase in imports from Turkey. This is a destination that many Polish entrepreneurs have recently turned their attention to, and problems with the timely delivery of goods from China have certainly played a significant role in this. Our advantage is also the fact that by having 11 years of experience in operating transports between Poland and Turkey and by being a member of the Polish-Turkish Chamber of Commerce, we can support our customers in a full and comprehensive way. We can help them find a reliable contractor in Turkey, organize collection, carry out customs formalities and deliver the goods.

Thank you for your time and I wish you success in futher cooperation.

Ewelina Kłoda

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