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Regular Groupage Cargo Lines

Our offer includes REGULAR GROUPAGE CARGO LINES to the most popular southern destinations – Turkey, Serbia, Slovenia and many more. We provide REGULAR, UNCONDITIONAL and TIMELY groupage transports once or twice a week depending on the line. Comprehensively and efficiently, we handle imports and exports thanks to our own customs agency and cooperation with trusted foreign partners.
Thanks to our Regular Groupage Cargo Lines we can guarantee that your goods will reach their destination quickly and safely – we carry out regular “door-to-door“ transports and provide transparent “all-in“ rates with no hidden costs!

Regular Express Groupage Line (RED)

Groupage Line to Turkey

Bulgarian Land Logistics Service (BULL)

Groupage Line to Bulgaria

Balkan Line of Export Services (BLUE)

Groupage Line to the Balkan countries

Slovenian Groupage Line

Groupage Line to Slovenia

Romanian Groupage Line

Groupage line to Romania

UK Groupage Line

Groupage line to Great Britain

Where we operate

We organize and carry out partial and full-load international shipments to all EU countries and most of non-EU countries. Additionally, within the logistics sector we enjoy the opinion of specialists in handling a permanent groupage line (LTL) and full truck loads (FTL) on Turkey – Poland – Turkey route as well as between Poland and the Balkan countries.

The regularity of shipments is our asset. Thanks to the well-developed and efficient warehouses and customs agencies infrastructure as well as constant cooperation with carefully selected carriers we are able to provide fast and safe transport of goods.

Transport services

Our transport services are based on a modern road fleet, from vehicles 18 m3 to 120 m3 and mass up to 24 tons. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we also carry out transport of non-standard loads, hazardous materials (ADR) as well as refrigerated and multimodal transports.

Our forwarding agents are young professionals engaged in work and open to new challenges. They specialize in designing logistics solutions.

  • LTL and FTL
  • ADR
  • Refrigerated
  • Non-standard
  • Multimodal

We have been carrying out regular and cyclical international transport for a decade and we specialize in transports to non-EU countries. We organize and operate regular groupage lines (LTL) and full truck loads (FTL), based on a modern road fleet of vehicles with a capacity from 18 m3 to 120 m3 and a weight of up to 24 tons. Our cooperation with foreign partners makes it possible for us to have a customs and warehouse facilities in many countries, which facilitates the entire logistics process, and allows us to perform customs operations by trusted agents.

We carry out transports by the following types of vehicles:

VAN up to 20 cbm

STANDARD up to 80 cbm

MEGA up to 100 cbm (heigh 300 cm)

SET up to 120 cbm (770*250*300 x 2)

Carriage of dangerous goods by road is a process requiring specialist knowledge. High requirements, strict regulations and risks associated with the transport of dangerous goods mean that this task can only be undertaken by appropriately prepared shipping companies.

Our company specializes in road transport of hazardous materials (except for materials from Class 1 and 7). We provide transportation compliant with applicable standards – both domestic and international – combining minimization of hazards with maximum efficiency of the service.

We have an experienced ADR advisor and drivers trained, adequately equipped and authorized in accordance with the provisions of the International Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). Our warehousemen are also trained in terms of handling and storage of hazardous materials, in accordance with the requirements of occupational safety. We carry out transports with our vehicles, which are properly prepared and marked. We also provide the possibility of transporting goods in controlled temperature.

Our company offers road transport of food products and semi-finished products in compliance with all requirements and norms regulated by the Agreement on the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs and on the Special Equipment to be used for such Carriage (ATP). We guarantee assistance in loading and unloading, temperature printouts and access to the GPS in order to track the load.

All refrigerated transports are carried out using Chereau refrigerated trailers. Refrigerators are equipped with Thermo King aggregates. Both the Chereau and the Thermo King brands are a guarantee of efficiency, good thermal insulation, high durability and above-average damage resistance.

Standard means of transport are often insufficient for the client’s needs and it’s necessary to choose more appropriate method. Vehicles for transporting non-standard loads belong to the most technically advanced ones, and semi-trailers are produced in limited quantities – it happens that even individually – therefore it is crucial that the selection is made by an experienced company. The role of the dispatcher is to determine the route, obtain the appropriate permits, organize the pilotage, detour and measurement of the route, bridge expertise etc. Our non-normative transport specialist has 8 years of experience and can organize and supervise transport of your non-standard load.

Transporty multimodalne z założenia wykonywane są więcej niż jednym środkiem transportu – łącza w sobie zalety różnych gałęzi transportu i pozwalają na wykorzystanie najlepszych cech każdej z nich. Wszechobecna dostępność transportu drogowego, szybkość transportu lotniczego, niższe koszty i bezpieczniejsze dla środowiska rozwiązania kolejowe i morskie to tylko pojedyncze przykłady korzyści wynikających z łączenia rożnych metod przewozu przesyłek. Współczesna globalizacja coraz częściej kładzie nacisk na elastyczność i ekonomiczność transportu przy jednoczesnej dbałości o nasza planetę.
Regularna linia kolejowa pomiędzy terminalami w Stambule i Gliwicach jest szczególnie korzystna dla towarów masowych i ładunków całopojazdowych. Nowoczesne systemy transportowe zakładają użycie kontenerów, co ułatwia przeładunki w terminalach i umożliwia przewóz w systemie door-to-door.

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