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REGULAR GROUPAGE CARGO LINES – cooperate locally, reach globally!

6 September 2018by 3CARGO
It’s time to sum up – the 3CARGO product group “regular groupage cargo lines” is becoming more and more popular! The fruits of our work are already visible, and the contentment of our customers and partners is for us the absolutely most important source of satisfaction. Thank you for your trust!


Export to Turkey – RED Line

Cargo TransportWe have been involved in comprehensive logistics services for trade with Turkey for years and this is one of our leading directions. Fast and efficient transport to Turkey gained a new face in January 2018, when we launched our RED Line (Regular Express Groupage Line). It was exactly what Polish exporters sending their goods to Turkey were waiting for – a regular groupage line which guarantees unconditional transports every Friday.

In the period from January to June, we recorded an increase in the number of orders for groupage shipments to Turkey by as much as 224% compared to the first half of 2017! This is an impressive result considering the fact that Polish exports to Turkey in the first half of 2018 increased by 5% compared to the first half of 2017 *. The Turkish Section under the direction of P. O. Traffic Manager Wojciech Maśka is great at operating the opportunities offered by Turkish export and import market. Great result – keep it up!


Transport from Bulgaria – BULL Line – demand is growing!

Cargo TransportThe year 2017 was marked by the dynamic development of trade with Bulgaria. On an annual basis, the value of polish trade with this country amounted to EUR 1 739.7 million, which means an increase of 9.3% compared to 2016 *.

Due to the increased number of inquiries about transport services to and from Bulgaria, in February 2018 we launched the Bulgarian Land Logistics Service (BULL) – a regular groupage line to Bulgaria. It guarantees regular transports, “all-in” rates and efficient import and export services in this popular direction. The number of groupage transports we carry out from and to Bulgaria is systematically growing. In June 2018, which was so far the busiest month of this year, it increased by as much as 83% compared to March 2018. This success is an effect of a huge work of our Logistics Projects Department. Congratulations to the head of the department – Tomasz Pietnoczka, for the excellent management.


Western Balkans – a reliable trading partner of Poland – BLUE Line

Cargo TransportFor us, freight transport to the Balkans is an adventure that has been going on for 10 years! Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro – we know these countries as our own pocket. We find ourselves perfectly in the local realities thanks to close cooperation with proven foreign partners.

In April 2018 our regular groupage lines to the Western Balkan countries gained a new name – this is how the BLUE (Balkan Line of Export Services) line was born. The number of groupage transports carried out by our Balkan Section in the first half of 2018 increased by 56% compared to the same period of 2017. This notable success is not only due to the growing interest of Polish entrepreneurs in the Balkan market. It is also the result of the work of our specialists under the watchful eye of Traffic Manager Adrian Chromik. Adrian has been managing the Balkan Section team for years, and his experience has allowed such a success of this project.


Slovenia – The X-DOCK line – the gateway to global markets

Cargo TransportSlovenia is another market for Polish products, which enjoys growing popularity among our domestic companies. The first 6 months of 2018 was marked by an impressive increase in the value of Polish exports to Slovenia by as much as 18% (compared to the first half of 2017) *.

In May 2018, we launched a regular groupage line to Slovenia with the significant name of X-DOCK. Why X-DOCK? Because thanks to the port in Koper, Slovenia is a corridor opening new opportunities for even more efficient transports to other markets, such as: Croatia, Italy, Israel, India, China and Oceania!


3CARGO’s Regular Groupage Cargo Lines provide regular, unconditional and timely transports to the most popular southern directions! Comprehensively and efficiently, we handle imports and exports of general cargo thanks to our own customs agency and cooperation with trusted foreign partners. Thanks to the regular lines offered by us, our customers’ goods reach their destination quickly and safely. We provide transport in the door-to-door system, transparent “all-in” rates with no hidden costs and professional service.

For even greater clarity of cooperation, a Groupage Cargo Lines Schedule was also implemented for all directions we operate regularly.

Each new project always means new challenges, doubts and emotions. We try to verify every idea before implementation. And that’s thanks to our specialists, forwarders, traders, customs agents and marketers. They are working TOGETHER, collectively and judiciously estimate the chances of success of the project. It is their knowledge, experience and professional service that makes customers willingly return to us with subsequent orders – says Piotr Kużdżeń, Transport Managing Partner at 3CARGO Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

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* Source: mpit.gov.pl



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